Web Tutorials

Below you will find links to flash tutorials that will teach you how to manage the many aspects provided with your hosting account. These will make it much quicker and easier for you to learn how to make use of the powerful features included with your hosting account.

Fantastico series (47 demos)
  1. How to install b2evolution from Fantastico
  2. How to install Nucleus from Fantastico
  3. How to install WordPress from Fantastico
  4. How to install Drupal from Fantastico
  5. How to install Geeklog from Fantastico
  6. How to install Mambo Open Source from Fantastico
  7. How to install php-Nuke from Fantastico
  8. How to install phpWCMS from Fantastico
  9. How to install phpWebsite from Fantastico
  10. How to install Post-Nuke from Fantastico
  11. How to install Siteframe from Fantastico
  12. How to install TYPO3 from Fantastico
  13. How to install Xoops from Fantastico
  14. How to install Crafty Syntax Live Help from Fantastico
  15. How to install Help Center Live from Fantastico
  16. How to install osTicket from Fantastico
  17. How to install PHP Support Tickets from Fantastico
  18. How to install Support Logic Helpdesk from Fantastico
  19. How to install Support Services Manager from Fantastico
  20. How to install phpBB from Fantastico
  21. How to install SMF from Fantastico
  22. How to install CubeCart from Fantastico
  23. How to install osCommerce from Fantastico
  24. How to install ZenCart from Fantastico
  25. How to install FAQMasterFLEX from Fantastico
  26. How to install AccountLabPlus from Fantastico
  27. How to install phpCOIN from Fantastico
  28. How to install 4Images Gallery from Fantastico
  29. How to install Coppermine Photo Gallery from Fantastico
  30. How to install Gallery from Fantastico
  31. How to install PHPlist from Fantastico
  32. How to install Advanced Poll from Fantastico
  33. How to install phpESP from Fantastico
  34. How to install dotProject from Fantastico
  35. How to install PHProjekt from Fantastico
  36. How to install Soholaunch Pro from Fantastico
  37. How to install Templates Express from Fantastico
  38. How to install TikiWiki from Fantastico
  39. How to install PhpWiki from Fantastico
  40. How to install Dew-NewPHPLinks from Fantastico
  41. How to install Moodle from Fantastico
  42. How to install Noahs Classifieds from Fantastico
  43. How to install Open-Realty from Fantastico
  44. How to install phpAdsNew from Fantastico
  45. How to install PHPauction from Fantastico
  46. How to install phpFormGenerator from Fantastico
  47. How to install WebCalendar from Fantastico


Hosting Account Features

Network Information

Each of the Data Centers we choose utilizes fully redundant power, air conditioning, as well as network uplinks, and core routing equipment. This allows us to ensure we are providing only top-notch service to our customers, and keeping servers cool and online with low latency

User Friendly Control Panel

Stormwire.com uses the latest version of cPanel and WHM. This control panel is the premier choice for web hosting providers. With tools to manage every aspect of your hosting account, you will surely be impressed with all our control panel has to offer. Webmail, blogs, e-commerce, and more !

True 24 x 7 Support

Stormwire.com understands that whether you are just starting out on the web or you are already a webmaster, you need a customer friendly support team to back you up 365 days per year. We have an entire team of extremely friendly and dedicated technicians who are available 24 hours a day.

Additional Web Services

We are a one stop shop for all of your Internet needs. Our wide selection of services include the following: Custom web site development, Domain name registration, Search engine
optimization & submission, Pay-per-click marketing campaigns, Secure certificates, and more.


We are serious about customer satisfaction, features, and up time.
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Welcome to the new face of Stormwire.com. New plans, lower prices, plus the same great customer support & account uptime!

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We are pleased to offer the most up-to-date version of cPanel and WHM available.

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    We use these guys as our preferred web hosting provider. If you want the best service and the most from your money you should suse Stormwire.com! We highly recommend you Brent G. - Brent G.   
    They are the best provider I have worked with in my 5 years in the industry. I have zero downtime and the administration staff always responds to my requests instantly Brandon Bowman - Brandon Bowman   
    We have had many web site hosts and none have been more reliable or responsive as Stormwire.com. They are able to put up with the massive bandwidth our sites use! Wil - Wil